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Oct 22, 2015

I'm struggling to hit 'send' on this episode. 

Today is a very unique podcast episode.

I actually debated on if I should share it. Giving a voice to this experience made me realize it impacted me more than I realized.

Listen to the latest Mom Is In Control podcast episode here.

In this episode I discuss:

* My journey though training and running my first marathon race.

* Why this training made me a better mother, wife, coach, friend and human being.

* How to break through limiting beliefs on a cellular level - to make sure our children do not experience the same struggles.

* Why pain and discomfort are a GOOD thing and what to do when your 'in it'.

FYI: I get a little emotional (wasn't expected) and my dog and so. Felix join in the background as well.

Enjoy! (Now to go hideout from my vulnerability hangover as Brene Brown calls it).


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