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Nov 30, 2015

In a perfect world there would be no stress but that doesn't exist because even if you are not physically doing anything we are still human and affected by other's and the emotional stress we put on ourselves - mostly unconscious. 

In today's podcast I discuss... 

POINT 1: Importance of silence 

Why letting go of what you need to let go could be your saving grace, even if you are disappointing someone else. If you're not in the right state of mind. How do we exact others? 

POINT 2: Importance of understanding your yellow zone. 

The yellow zone is the place between the green and red zone. I talk about this in my Teach Your Kid To Meditate Program

When you practice mindfulness and begin to understand your emotional and physical cues to stress you will begin to understand what your body does before it approaches the red zone (crisis zone). 

POINT 3: Know your story. 

Know the stories you tell yourself in your mind. 

"If I stop I'm lazy." 

"I'm letting other's down." 

When you need a break, take it. Just plan on getting back up. 



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