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Dec 21, 2015


039: Listen and follow through with what your soul craves. 
POINT 1: Pay attention to what your body is craving (not what your monkey mind wants). 
There is a difference and if you practice listening to your body and soul you will know the difference. 
POINT 2: Be aware of your shadow side. 
The shadow side is the part of you that wants to run and hide. This is fear taking over. It serves a purpose but not when you want to grow and evolve. 
Often times when my body does this I want to sleep (when I’m not overly tired, I eat crap food or I start yelling because I didn’t meet my own needs. 
POINT 3: The art of being in control is DOING what needs to get done. 
Yep. It’s that simple. This looks me years to figure out. There is no magic or quick fix. If you want things to change you have to do what is needed to feel in control of your life, your relationships and your emotions. 
What do you need to do today to feel in control? 
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