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Aug 26, 2016

 An energy leak is a person, place or situation that is sucking the life out of you.

This may be a relationship, your environment, career (FYI: SAHM is a career), negative thinking, health etc…


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Time Freedom Challenge Day 3: Energy Leaks.


Today’s Challenge:

Get out pen and a paper.

Write down Column A | Column B


Column A are the things that are CURRENTLY draining you (people, thoughts, situations, relationships)


A few examples:


  • Spending a lot of time with someone who is constantly complaining about their situation but not open to learning how to shift it. This is an ‘energy leak’ -- something who takes but does not give back.
  • A high energy child who required a lot of attention from you.
  • A work environment that is negative, uninspiring or high pressure.


Column B are the things that are CURRENTLY lifting you up (people you enjoy being around, music, situations, environments).

A few examples:

  • A clean kitchen.
  • A good morning routine.
  • Healthy relationships.
  • Healthy boundaries with children.
  • A good run.
  • A new outfit.
  • Doing work you love.
  • Feeling appreciated.

Now look at your list and see which side A or B has more?

What is currently draining you -- or what is currently filling you up?


The goal is to slowly say YES to more of what you want in your life and NO to what is no longer serving you.



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