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Aug 29, 2016

Today’s challenge may seem obvious but it’s wasn’t always to me.

For some reason when I started learning about Manifesting and the Law OF Attraction I believed that if I ‘thought’ of something I wanted long enough it would come to me.


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The missing piece was I wasn’t taking action TOWARDS my goal.

And this is the #1 issue I see with most women who want time freedom in their life but aren’t taking action towards their goals.

They attend the workshops, conferences, read the books but they aren’t implementing the work. This is what I call spiritual entertainment (I heard term from Mastin Kipp).


This is my genius -- helping women get out of their own way and take daily ACTION. Making an idea come to reality.

Freedom is possible when you do the work.

Today’s challenge: Act, don’t think.

It’s easy to get stuck in your head but your heart already knows the answer.

Waiting countless hours avoiding a task will suck the life out of you and waste a lot of your time.


Today’s challenge: 3 things that will move you forward.


These tasks can be any of the following...


Revenue generating activities: An action step that will get you closer to making money in your business.

  • Example: Sending out an email, invoicing someone, getting on the phone with someone.


Happiness generating activities: An action step that is in alignment with how you want to feel.

  • Example: Working out, walking, coffee with a friend, saying NO.



Action 1: _______________


Action 2: _______________


Action 3:_______________



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