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Nov 24, 2016

" Your children express genetically whatever you repress. The purpose is to make sure that whatever you disown in your life, you attract into your life to learn how to own it so that you can be whole.
Your children are designed to have a different set of values than you. You genetically gave it to them and their job is to make sure that any part of you that you haven’t loved and haven’t owned, they are going to push the button until you love it because you are going to love them no matter what and you have to learn to love that part of you that you ignored.
So they are not here to be taught by you anymore than they are here to teach you. When you feel your buttons being pushed either by their actions or inactions; instead of reacting, reflect on the benefits of their traits to you and see how these actions or inactions serve you." 

Dr. John Demartini 



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