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Jan 25, 2017

Becoming the person we want our children to become is my #1 mission in life. Showing children how to master their own greatness is priceless. 


" Simply stated, my students are special beyond words. 

I teach in an area of Brantford, Ontario known as 'Eagle Place'.  I am the Grade 8 teacher to 23 strong willed, hard working, and kind hearted 13 year old students who will be venturing off to high school next year. For many of my students, our portable at the back of our school is considered their safe place. It is a  place where they are fed breakfast in the morning, given a winter coat and boots to keep warm, and a place they are cared for each and every day. Their life is far from the typical life of a 13 year old. Responsibilities of their sibilings, going grocery shopping, and keeping the water bill down by showering once a week requires them to carry on their days like an adult. Although some of my students have never seen the likes of "Pizza Day" or travelled to the "North-side" of the city, they make the best of every situation and rise to every occassion. Whether it was walking 45 minutes as a group to their future high-school to win the Spirit Award or learning the game of Volleyball with only 3 balls in total, their determination rises them to the top. 

I have been teaching for almost 10 years, and in those 10 years I have never encountered such compassionate and grateful students. 

This is my first GoFundMe I have created and all proceeds will go towards sending my Grade 8 students on a Year End Trip and towards their Grade 8 Graduation. I plan on taking them on a day trip to Toronto to see the CN Tower and a Blue Jay's game, which would require a bus, food, and ticket/tour costs. For Graduation, I would use proceeds to order their plaques, reserve bowling lanes for an after-grad event, as well as get a hair stylist to do their hair at school for their big day. Although my students have been fundraising by going door to door to sell pies and pizza kits, the socioeconomic status of their community limits their funding tremendously. My goal is to give them the opportunity to live like a kid, worry-free, for a few days.  I would appreciate anything you could contribute to make their final elementary year something they will never forget. " - Angela Bowman, Teacher

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