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Aug 8, 2017

3 Journaling Strategies To Help You Get Clear On What You Want 


1) I Want List: Keep asking yourself, 'what do I want?', write down every thought that comes to your mind. 

Example: A bath, a long walk, a new outfit, to start my own business, red lipstick etc... 

2) Connecting To Source: Write with a stream of consciousness. Every thought, phase and sentence that comes to mind write it down. Keep writing, the more you write the more clarity will come. 

3) The Braindump: This strategy is great for overwhelm. Dump everything you're thinking on a page. Get it all out. Walk away. Then once you've taken a break organize your thought and making a decision on your next highest leveraged task. 


“ Thoughts are energy, energy is matter, and matter doesn’t disappear.
Pay attention to coincidence. You can choose your identity and a recent one: Only the present moment matters.” 
― Wunder Wend


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