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Oct 19, 2017

Sunday I ran my second ½ marathon. Sometimes I wonder why I do these things to myself. Am I pushing too hard? Not hard enough? Overdoing it?

The truth is, I do it because I want to.

It feels good, and it pushes me beyond what I think is possible for myself in the moment.

In reality, I run like a turtle on caffeine, but it’s not about how I look. It’s about how I feel.

Sustainable Motherhood to me is about showing up every day that helps me grow and sustain a lifestyle that brings me joy - so I can better serve the world.

Because at the end of the day -- this is how I want my children to remember me, happy and present.



Present Over Perfect by Shauna Niequist

In a culture that values speed, efficiency, image, and busyness, some of us are aching for another way to live: more intentional, more connected. Simpler, slower, richer. Many of us have believed the myth that achievement and success bring us contentment, only to find it's actually things like connection and meaning, not success and achievement, that provide true peace and genuine happiness.



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