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Dec 30, 2015

041: Self Care As A Spiritual Practice 

Today's podcast is an interview by Suzi Lula. We met a few weeks ago at Dr.Shefali's EVOLVE conference and instantly connected. 

Today Suzi and I talk about why self care is the most UNSELFISH this you can do for your child. 

Suzi Lula is a much-sought-after Spiritual Teacher,...

Dec 26, 2015

A big piece of connection comes from something bigger than ourselves. This is more about being rather than doing. So how do we teach this to our children? 

This questions inspired a conversation with Neale Donald Walsh when I met him a few weeks ago. 

In today's episode I am interviewing his Co- Authors on...

Dec 21, 2015


039: Listen and follow through with what your soul craves. 
POINT 1: Pay attention to what your body is craving (not what your monkey mind wants). 
There is a difference and if you practice listening to your body and soul you will know the difference. 
POINT 2: Be aware of your shadow side. 
The shadow side is the...

Dec 17, 2015

That's all they want. Is you. Not the gifts. Not the xbox. If they could choose it would be YOU. ALL YOU!

This podcast was inspired by an Ikea commercial. Watch here.

I think it's interesting that we often crave more presence in our lives and our children craves our presence and yet we resist it. Why is that? 



Dec 10, 2015

POINT 1: Every trigger is a lesson.

I know, it’s annoying but our inner work is never done. EVER! Our children constantly how up and push us to become the best versions of ourselves. 
POINT 2: You don’t need to be with your child to create connection. 
There was a father at the Conscious Parenting event who...