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Nov 15, 2017

Kelly McNelis is the founder of Women for One, a place where women from 50 countries share their powerful stories with the world. Over 500 Truthtellers, as Kelly calls them, have answered her call to action: Make life happen by sharing your messy brilliance. Their stories range from the devastating to the delightful, and everything in between. 

Kelly is a mom, wife, friend, mentor, businesswoman, incest survivor, and firm believer that there’s no such thing as “TMI.”

Formerly a nonprofit and small-business consultant, Kelly now travels the world as a speaker, teacher, and workshop facilitator, empowering women to find their voice and discover their true power. She has interviewed global changemakers including the late Dr. Maya Angelou, Arianna Huffington, Regena “Mama Gena” Thomashauer, and Byron Katie, on the importance of cultivating our own inner wisdom and truthtelling voices. 

Kelly’s first book, Your Messy Brilliance, will be published by Enrealment Press in Fall 2017. 


During this interview we talk about: 

* How to claim your voice
* How to release perfection and step into your true genius

* Moving beyond toxic victimhood
* Actionable tools for making life happen on our own terms