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Aug 8, 2018

Any intimate relationship, like the one we have with children, will show us exactly where and how we can grow. They trigger us. They point out our deep wounds and force us to look at them (or run away from them). 

Intimacy in any relationship is uncomfortable, vulnerable and sometimes heartbreaking. 

Our expectations of who we want this person to be are different than who they really are. 

This is the relationship I've had with my body over the last 5 years. The 4th children, you never knew I had. 


In episode 284 I talk about: 

* How our bodies have tantrums, just as children do. 

* Why we need to understand what red, green and yellow zones. 

* The correlation between mothering my own physical children and mothering my physical body.

It's all about relationships and how we choose to lead our own lives. 

You have one body and limited time in it. Don't waste in constant conflict with the one person you can never get away from... yourself.


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