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Mar 31, 2020

“By choosing healthy over skinny, you are choosing self-love over self-judgement.”  —Steve Maraboli


Tanja Shaw is a health and fitness coach, While she does have some ‘letters’ after her name – Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, Kinesiologist, and High Performance Coach – her ability to create a shift in her clients was learned through working with hundreds of men and women, as well as through her personal journey.   She first started her career as a personal trainer and Kinesiologist in 2004 because she LOVED the science side of fitness and health. She was fascinated by diet plans, workout plans, and ‘hacks’ to transform a person’s body.


In this episode, Tanja and I talk about:

  • How to appreciate food 
  • How you treat your body matters
  • How to feel good with your food choices


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