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Feb 21, 2017

" When my daughter turned one in 2012, I consciously quit my long-standing six-figure career to be home full time. Although this was a blessing to have had the choice to make happen, at the same time it was a huge adjustment from being a career person and having a very structured routine to a non-structured routine and no longer in “control of my day”.

At the prime age of 39, I found my daughter was “raising me” in ways I never thought possible. Prior to motherhood, I had parenting “all mapped out” – from how it would “look” and “go” – yet much to my surprise it was anything but what I expected. With my (unconscious ego), I figured since I had all my “ducks lined up” that stepping into my new-found parenting was going to be pretty smooth. Little did I know I was in for the biggest awakening of my life." - Sandra Fazio 


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