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Oct 23, 2018

One of my favorite humans is Brene Brown, author of Dare To Lead 

In her new book, Dare To Lead, she writes... 

"To feel is to be vulnerable. Believing that vulnerability is a weakness is believing that feeling is a weakness. And like it or not, we are emotional beings. 

We know that vulnerability is the cornerstone of courage building, but we often fail to realize that without vulnerability there is no creativity or innovation. Why? Because there is nothing more uncertain than the creative process, and there is absolutely no innovation without failure." 


In order to live the life we desire to live, we must FEEL everything that is inside of us. 


This Friday, October 26th at 10 am EST I'm hosting a FREE TRAINING called Finish Your Year Energized.  


During this *FREE ONLINE TRAINING* You Will Learn:

● How to manage your emotions on a daily basis.

● How to say “NO” to what drains you, and “YES” to what serves you.

● How to hold energetic and time boundaries with people, so you don’t feel drained by their demands and negative energy.

● How to create space for your big dreams--the life you want to be living (parenting, relationships, health, career etc..)


Click here for registration details: