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Apr 27, 2015

In this episode we talk about parenthood, healing, marriage and what whole living means. 

  • Why it's important to trust yourself when it comes to your health. 
  • What true transformation looks and feels like. 
  • How to support a partner who isn't living the same lifestyle as you desire. 


Who is Julie Piatt? 

A true creative artist, Julie Piatt aka “SriMati” is a plant based chef, singer songwriter, author, spiritual guide, and mother to four.  Julie has spent decades finding the divine in all her endeavors.  Living from a deep place of devotion she experiences the presence of God in all things; light and dark, in joy and in suffering.


Through embracing a plant based diet, and embarking on a deep meditation practice, She healed herself of a large cyst in her neck, which doctors diagnosed as an incurable ailment. This experience proved to her the miraculous ability of the body to heal itself when supported with pure whole living foods and a true heart connection to the soul.   


Julie’s expertise encompasses a whole lifestyle approach to healthy, creative, and authentic  living.  Though her writings, recipes, songs and healing,  she transmits her deep wisdom which is ever present in her food, her devotion, her relationships as well as in her transcendent, healing and soothing music that she creates with her sons who also happen to be her band.


Julie just released her first book that she co-authored with her husband, Ultra Athlete, Rich Roll. April 28th Penguin Avery.  It’s called  THE PLANTPOWER WAY 120 family plant based recipes + Lifestyle guidance.  


The Plant Power Way Available for pre-order now HERE.  

Julie's website 

Twitter & IG: @srimati