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Jun 27, 2016

Fulfilling your soul purpose is like giving birth to triplets without pain medication. The contractions are intense and they comes in unexpected waves.

So what does it look like when you're about to write the book your soul knows you need to write but your head wants you to STOP writing it?


In today's episode I talk...

Jun 24, 2016

Soul cravings and parenting. Everything you want, everything you desire was put there to direct you in the direction on your dreams. If you don't take action on that direction -- they won't come true. 


In this short episode, I talk about just that. Going for it, even when you feel guilty... because it will make you...

Jun 23, 2016


Investing in yourself, your business and your family will test your internal belief system. Are you willing, ready or open to seeing what you are capable of? 


It wil CALL you the something you never thought possible in your self, it will ask you. Are you seriously ready for this? 


In this episode, I rant on...

Jun 22, 2016

Being unattached to achieve everything on your to do list is KEY to emotional freedom. 

In this episode I talk about how to I reacted when my 3 year old kicked me in the face while in public and why I reacted differently today than I would have two years ago. 



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Jun 21, 2016

Have you ever wondered why you're having a hard time achieving your goals? You get started and then resistance kicks in BIG time. 

I know why this happens and I have a tip that can help you push through it. I talk about it in the episode. 




When in doubt -- double your self care. 


Join the...