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Sep 28, 2015


Have you ever caught yourself in a situation when a child or someone you know is having a meltdown or trantrum and thought, now what? 
Have you ever wondered what to do in the midst of a meltdown when your child (or someone you know) is in the RED zone? 
How do you let them process these emotions without losing your cool? 
Or taking away their pain? 
In this episode, I discuss: 
  • What to do when your child is experiencing an overload of emotion (anger, anxiety, fear, jealous). 
  • How I kept my cool in a personal parenting moment. 
  • Enabling vs. teaching emotional responsibility. What’s the difference and are which one are you teaching? 
In Control Action Step: 
Observe yourself when confronted by uncomfortable situations. What do you typically do when a child or adult is expressing big emotion? Do you try to talk over them or do you hold space for them to feel it fully? 
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