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Sep 29, 2015

If you’re wasting time,  you’re wasting your life. Being diagnosis with cancer taught me this. 
I get it, we’re all busy. Kids, work, errands… who has time for sex or self care? I will tell ya who. People who create the life they want.  
Have you ever wondered how the average successful (not burnt out) business woman and mother is able to have time for herself and cultivate deep relationships with those they love? 
She’s intentional about her time and her energy. 
And this is exactly what I’m talking about on today’s podcast episode - over on the Mom Is In Control Podcast. Click here to listen. 
In this episode, I discuss: 
  • How to prioritizing what’s important to you - so you can get out of overwhelm. 
  • Thriving Mindset: What you might be doing that’s keeping you stuck in a ‘never enough’ mindset. 
  • My 60 second nightly planning ritual that allows me to get a good night sleep. 
  • The addiction you might have that you’re unaware of and being aware of this will help your kids avoid this as well.
In control action step: 
Take 5 minutes and write down a simple ‘time log’ for what you’ve done today. Are the direct actions you’ve taken today in alignment with how you want to feel and show up in your work and relationships? 
One step at a time, you got this. 
P.S. I want to hear from you. What was your greatest take away from today’s episode? 
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