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Oct 19, 2015

Today on the podcast I’m talking about fear. 
We all have it, so how do we control it? 
How can we co create the life we DO want, while living with fear? 
How can we teach and support our children through their big emotions as well? 
This is a near and dear subject my heart because I witness so many children who struggle greatly with fear, anxiety and overwhelm that are not being taught how to manage it. 
And as a parent and a cancer survivor I know what it feels like to live in fear. During my diagnosis I was in a constant state of fear but along the way I discovered a few strategies that quickly shifted my perspective and allowed my body to calm down. 
On today’s podcast episode, I discuss: 
  • What fear is and why it’s essential to keep us safe everyday. 
  • How to identify ‘true’ fear and self sabotage. 
  • What questions to ask yourself when stuck in a fearful state of mind.  
Fear is healthy. It’s part of the human experience. 
The more we teach ourselves and our children how to identify, manage and co create with fear this is where we start to create a life we truly love. 
Hope on over to the podcast and listen.
The Mom Is In Control Podcast is also available on stitcher. 
P.S. It takes a village to raise an emotionally healthy child. If you know another mama who could benefit from this podcast, please feel free to pass it along. Thank you in advance. 
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