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Aug 30, 2016

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Today’s your last Time Freedom Challenge and today is about self-awareness. Becoming aware of the activities you put in front of the task you really SHOULD be doing.



  • When I need to write some emails, I always find myself spending too much time on social media or I make plans with the kids to avoid writing.


(Typically you will feel a lot of resistance around the tasks you should be doing.

The tasks you resistance (for the most part) are the exact things that will give you freedom.  


We all have them NAME. You know those things we do to avoid doing what we need to be doing.


Facebook/social media.


Cleaning the house.

Watching Netflix.

Over socializing.

Isolating yourself.


Today’s Challenge: Identify your ‘busy’ tasks.


Write it down and share with someone so they can hold you accountable.


I want to know what your busy tasks are. Post in the Private Facebook group, Mom Is In Control Village CLICK HERE TO JOIN AND POST.