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Jan 29, 2015

From almost dying when she gave birth to her daughter to leaving her cozy corporate job to follow her burning desires.


Amber Lilyestrom is a soul-based branding & business coach, writer and motivational speaker. Amber currently coaches new and established entrepreneurs in creating strategies to transform and launch their dream businesses. From idea conception to the construction of the business and all of its digital assets, Amber assists entrepreneurs in designing authentic brands that make an impact in the world.


“ Feelings are important and we have to use those feelings to direct us in our lives.”


Success Quote from Amber

“ You need to give yourself permission to want what you want.”

“ If you don’t believe in your own dream, how do you expect anyone else to believe in it?”


Parenting AHA Moment

“ What we have is this moment and if we don’t show up right now than what do we really have?”


Interview Links

Amber’s website


Amber’s program Beautiful Brand. Beautiful You.


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